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I have a system where users save metadata of files, the system serves different companies, each can have up to millions of files arranged in a classic folder structure

I need to choose a shard key, any directions on that ?

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To prevent queries from having to check all the shards for results, the shard-key should be something which appears in each of your find- or update-queries. In a multi-client solution I would expect that the company is part of each query, so the company would make a good shard-key. When your companies have very different usage-schemas and you notice that some of them have so heavy use that a single shard isn't enough for them, you could add the filename to the shard-key. But that's an optimization you can't consider before you have real-world usage statistics.

For further advise, consult the chapter Considerations for Selecting Shard Keys from the documentation.

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