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To disable an item in a listbox I use the given code.

((Element) list.getElement().getChild(index).getChild(index)).setAttribute("disabled","disabled");

But I need to enable that item again.What can be the solution .Please help me to sort out the problem.

Thankyou in advance.

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I guess "removeAttribute" will work:

((Element) list.getElement().getChild(index).getChild(index)).removeAttribute("disabled");
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Try any one

Use 'GWT JSNI` (disable 0th option)

    final ListBox lb = new ListBox(); 
    disableSelectOption(lb.getElement(), 0);


public static native void disableSelectOption(Element listElement, int index) /*-{
    listElement.options[index].disabled = true;


Use setAttribute (disable 0th option)

    ((Element)lb.getElement().getChild(0)).setAttribute("disabled", "");
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