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I have problem with drawing a Pixmap on a texture with Samsung GT-N5100.

public class PixmapHelper{

    static Pixmap mapHelper;
    static Pixmap miniObject;

    public static void Initialize()
       miniObject=new PixMap(4,4,Pixmap.Format.RGB888);

    public static void Draw(TextureRegion textureRegion,Texture dstTexture,int dstX,int dstY)
        textureRegion.getRegionWidth (),textureRegion.getRegionHeight());

When I start the project on desktop or Samsung N-GT8000 all worked(draw) correctly. If I start it on GT-N5100, nothing is drawn on dstTexture. dstTexture have Height=800 Width=600.

Can you help me to resolve this problem please?

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Do you ever draw your texture to the screen? Does the problematic device support OpenGL 2.0 and textures that aren't powers of 2? – Kevin Workman Mar 25 '14 at 13:36
Thanks i resolved this. I used OpenGL 2.0 texture gets from FrameBuffer(FrameBuffer not powerd 2) it's need me to avoid redraw maps all time. – Eloy Mar 26 '14 at 7:01

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Problem be at this "miniObject=new PixMap(4,4,Pixmap.Format.RGB888);" my dstTexture has format RGBA8888 but PixMap RGB888 when i changed it to RBA8888 all work.

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