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I have stored text in HTML format to database and want to dynamically show in textarea or something like this.

This is textarea

<textarea class="FormElement" name="txtObject" id="term" style="width: 320px; height: 250px;"></textarea>

and set value with javascript


but get <strong>Text message</strong> I want to get Text message.

Can anybody help me?

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Textareas are, as their name suggests, areas of text. Text. Not HTML. Consider using a <div> with contentEditable. –  Niet the Dark Absol Mar 25 at 10:25
use div instead...... –  rajesh kakawat Mar 25 at 10:26
Nope You can't render html within textarea –  Praveen Mar 25 at 10:26
@rejesh can you give me example how to do it? –  tungi Mar 25 at 10:30

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A textarea is just supposed to be used to enter unformatted text. If you just want to display the text, add it to a div instead, should work with $('#mydiv').html(row.Text). If you want a more rich text editor I'd suggest to google around for one that is suitable for you.

TinyMCE seems to be a resonable alternative.

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Thanks you, for support. –  tungi Mar 25 at 10:39

This is not possible to do with a textarea. The result you want to achieve is possible with a content editable div , like so :

<div contenteditable="true"></div>
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If anyone is concerned with backwards compatability, the contenteditable runs on all modern browsers back to (and including) IE8 - caniuse.com/#search=contenteditable –  Esben Boye-Jacobsen Mar 25 at 10:33

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