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Using pandas, in my IPy Notebook I want to get access to a dataframe table by using multiple indices, but on the same level. So it is right now nothing like Index 2 is subindex of Index 1; both should be first level index. This I want to achieve for both rows and columns.

loggerfile = r'U:\CSV\test.csv'
Tabelle = pandas.DataFrame(pandas.read_csv(loggerfile, header = [0,1,2,4]))

enter image description here

I aim at:

Tabelle[Name=Zeit][Idx1=[0:2]] = [2014-03-19T12:44:32.758Z, 

Which should give the same as

How do I get access to the table? Sometimes it would be beneficial to use either the one or the other index. I want to be able to get back the

  • value of one cell and
  • a dataframe or list of a column, either the whole or part of it

Right now, I can only make

Tabelle.Zeit.ix[0] = 2014-03-19T12:44:32.758Z


Tabelle.Zeit.ix[0:2] = [2014-03-19T12:44:32.758Z,...]
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