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In my Oracle 11 database, I have a sql script for inserting(migrating) data from one table into another, this is a problem I encounter a lot, for instance:

INSERT INTO TargetTable (eventname, eventplace, eventdate)
SELECT  name, eventplace, "How to insert time here?"   FROM SourceTable;

The SourceTable don't have the eventdate column, and it is "Not Nullable" in TargetTable, so I have to insert something there, in this case I just want to just use the current time for all rows. How can I do this?

p.s Not only for dates, This could also be a missing varchar column and I might to set a default value in target database.

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For date fields just use sysdate, for varchar fileds I think you have done right, just add "default value" after select works.

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can i just add a text in select clause? I thought it has to be column names from the table? –  Spring Mar 25 at 11:36
Sure you can. just like insert into t(name) select 'foo' from dual –  user2018791 Mar 25 at 12:03
for instance I try to set 0 for a boolean column and it says "invalid identifier" –  Spring Mar 25 at 12:08
I don't think oracle support boolean as a column type, use char for it, set it to 'y' or 'n' or other values you like. –  user2018791 Mar 25 at 12:15

Try this:

INSERT INTO TargetTable (
 SELECT name, 
        SysDate -- <- Current Date and Time
   FROM SourceTable;
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(select SysDate From Dual) - why do you recommend subguery when mere SYSDATE works ? –  Dmitry Nikiforov Mar 25 at 10:56
@Dmitry Bychenko I would be happy if you can generazlie the solution for other kind of data, maybe not current date but a certain old date, or text –  Spring Mar 25 at 10:59
Dmitry Bychenko has privided a nice example to your. Another way is to setup DEFAULT values for non-nullable columns in target table. Is there sonething what prevents you to do it ? –  Dmitry Nikiforov Mar 25 at 11:05
It seems, that the solution is either 'just not inserting' a value and let DEFAULT (DDL) one be inserted (or leave the task for a trigger if default is too complex); or to copy default value logic into the insert –  Dmitry Bychenko Mar 25 at 11:06
@Dmitry Nikiforov I dont prefer default values while cretaing DB, I just need to know how to set also varchars in target to a default value –  Spring Mar 25 at 11:07

modify the table definition like this:

create table table_name
col1 varchar2(10),
default_date_col date default sysdate

this way u dont need to include the date column in the insert in case u dont need it.

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If you Want date format into varchar2 column use


You can play with functions how you like



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