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I'm trying to resolve the puzzle from go tour #43 and I don't understand why my word counter doesn't work. "print" seems to print the expected value but the tests sees only "1" regardless the count.

package main

import (

func WordCount(s string) map[string]int {
    // explode the string into a slice without whitespaces
    ws :=  strings.Fields(s)
    //make a new map
    c := make(map[string]int)
    //iterate over each word
    for _, v := range ws{

    c[v] = utf8.RuneCountInString(v)


    print( c["am"])

    return c

func main() {


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You're solving the wrong problem. It doesn't ask you for the length of each word, but for the number of times each word occurs. Change

c[v] = utf8.RuneCountInString(v)


c[v] += 1 // or c[v]++
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You are right, though I don't understand c[v] += 1 ... I solved it with c[v] = strings.Count(s, v) – The user with no hat Mar 25 '14 at 11:37
You are visiting each word. You keep a counter for each one of them in c. Each time you visit a word, you add 1 to its counter in c. If you visit the same word more than once, you will add 1 more than once. That is what c[v] += 1 does. strings.Count also works, but it's wasteful, because you're doing a double loop (one inside string.Count) and also counting repeated words several times. – Toni Cárdenas Mar 25 '14 at 11:57

The problem is c[v] = utf8.RuneCountInString(v). It has two problems:

  1. You're resetting the counter for each word every time you re-encounter it. You should increment, not set.

  2. You are setting the number of runes in the word to the counter. The puzzle is "how many times a word appears in the text". so just do something like c[v] = c[v] + 1 (if the entry is empty it will default to 0)

Also, I'd normalize the text - strip punctuation marks and lowercase everything.

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