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I have done some research via google but cant find a proper answer.

I have a Firebird Database and i always using own Domains for my Table fields. All of that domains are defined with Charset ISO8859_1. Now I want to change it to UTF8. If i try this in IBExpert it brings me this code:


This update works. But does it really work? Are all characters converted correctly and do i now have changed my fields to "real" UTF8 ?? Or does it remain as ISO08859_1 internally?

If i search in the internet, some say:

  • solution via temp-field and coping of all data (a lot of work with big databases)

and other say:

  • changing of the domain or field-datatype is enough.

What is right? What could go wrong? We have a lot of customers and i want to convert the database by script.

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Usually updates of column definitions creates a new format version of the record and leaves the actual column unchanged; conversions are done when the column is selected (output is converted) or the record updated. However I am not sure if this applies to character set changes. –  Mark Rotteveel Mar 25 '14 at 14:14

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