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I have two excel spreadsheets (version 2011).

Spreadsheet One contains a single column (column A) of numbers (~1700 with duplicates or triplicates).

Spreadsheet Two contains a full spreadsheet of data. However, column B contains numbers which may or may not match those in column A of spreadsheet one.

How can I extract out full rows of data from Spreadsheet Two if and only if column B of that row matches a number from column A of spreadsheet one?

In the end, I would like to divide spreadsheet two into two sub-sheets:

First, Spreadsheet two(i) will contain only the rows with column B harbouring a number which matches column A in spreadsheet 1 and Second, Spreadsheet two(ii) will contain the left over rows, whose column B does not harbour a number which matches column A in spreadsheet 1.

I hope it makes sense!

Many thanks in advance!

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