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How do I apply same format across other columns in the DataFrame enter image description here

I am currently using the below code to change it, also, Can I also use For loops to do the same task, if so how?

  APR1 <-strptime(APR$Total.Ready.Duration, format ="%H:%M")
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commonFormat <- as.data.frame(lapply(APR, strptime, format="%H:%M"))

will apply strptime to all columns of APR, and return the result as a list of columns and then join those columns up into a data.frame. If you only want to change a subset of columns reformatted, change APR to APR[[vectofOfColumns]]. You can re-insert into the original data.frame with APR[[vectorOfColumns]] <- commonFormat

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The Code works but as I add a vector of columns ; "commonFormat <- as.data.frame(lapply(APR[,6:10], strptime, format="%H:%M"))" The code results only subset of data from 6 to 10 col. I just want 6 to 10 to be affected not a different dataframe. –  Shoaibkhanz Mar 25 at 12:33
A subset of columns? If so, that is to be expected, and you can re-insert them into your original data.frame (or a copy of it), by APR[[6:10]] <- commonFormat, as implied in my answer. But if you mean a subset of rows, then I can only imagine that is due to some of the values not being acceptable input into strptime. –  Gavin Kelly Mar 25 at 12:37
Thanks I overlooked that instruction, I followed it and it worked –  Shoaibkhanz Mar 25 at 13:10
for (i in start:end) APR[,i]<-strptime(APR[,i], format ="%H:%M")

where start denotes first column and end last column to change



for (i %in% cNames) APR[,i]<-strptime(APR[,i], format ="%H:%M")

if you want to use colnames

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for (i in 6:10) { APR[,i] <- strptime(APR[,i], format ="%H:%M") } –  Shoaibkhanz Mar 25 at 12:30
I tried the above but it didnt work gave me 6 lines of error like below ; In [<-.data.frame(*tmp*, , i, value = list(sec = c(NA_real_, : provided 9 variables to replace 1 variables –  Shoaibkhanz Mar 25 at 12:31
What class are your columns? –  Maciej Mar 25 at 13:01
Do you mean is it Factor or numerical? its Factor –  Shoaibkhanz Mar 25 at 13:11
Change to character. –  Maciej Mar 25 at 13:20

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