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I would like to click a buy now button using greasemonkey.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        script
// @namespace   sc
// @include     *
// @version     1
// @require
// @require
// @grant    GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==

waitForKeyElements ("#buy-now", triggerMostButtons);

function triggerMostButtons (jNode) {
    triggerMouseEvent (jNode[0], "mouseover");
    triggerMouseEvent (jNode[0], "mousedown");
    triggerMouseEvent (jNode[0], "click");
    triggerMouseEvent (jNode[0], "mouseup");

function triggerMouseEvent (node, eventType) {
    var clickEvent = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
    clickEvent.initEvent (eventType, true, true);
    node.dispatchEvent (clickEvent);

Html of the buttons:

<div class="buy-now"><a data-spm-anchor-id="" data-widget-cid="widget-14" tabindex="-1" id="buy-now" class="buy-now-btn" href="#">Buy Now</a><a id="add-to-cart" class="add-to-cart-btn" href="#">Add to Cart</a></div>

I have tried other codes like

var TargetLink          = $("a:contains('Ik neem er een!')")
if (TargetLink.length)
    window.location.assign (TargetLink[0].href);


waitForKeyElements ("a.class:contains('buy-now-btn')", clickOnFollowButton);

function clickOnFollowButton (jNode) {
    var clickEvent  = document.createEvent ('MouseEvents');
    clickEvent.initEvent ('click', true, true);
    jNode[0].dispatchEvent (clickEvent);

Could someone give me an explenation what to put in the waitForKeyElements as first parameter for clicking the button?

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I wonder if the code below is what you want.



It seems some scripts have not been loaded on the page you mentioned at the time of DOMContentLoaded. Adding a delay solved the problem for me, that is,

// ==UserScript==
// @name         script
// @namespace    sc
// @include
// @version      1
// @description
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==
setTimeout(function() {
}, 1000)
share|improve this answer… Seems not working. Do you got another suggestion? – Remco Mar 27 '14 at 17:20
@Remco Swienink Answer edited. Adding a delay should solve your problem. – zanetu Mar 27 '14 at 21:12

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