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I'm using spring mvc and I have a problem with <spring:message /> tag.
In properties file I have line:
but when I use it in <spring:message code="label.inquiry" /> the output is: Inquiry
One new line character and few spaces. Why and how to resolve this problem?

I paste an some jsp code

<div style="clear:both;margin:5px;">
  <a class="btn mini inquiryFile" href="<c:url value="/download/brokerinquiry.html?ciid=${}&sid=${}"/>">
    <spring:message htmlEscape="false" code="label.inquiry"/> <i class="icon-download"></i>
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Show us the source code of the JSP (with more context: not just the tag), and the generated HTML. – JB Nizet Mar 25 '14 at 12:19

The new line character and the spaces are in your jsp. You could do

<div style="clear:both;margin:5px;">
  <a class="btn mini inquiryFile" href="<c:url value="/download/brokerinquiry.html?ciid=${}&sid=${}"/>"><spring:message htmlEscape="false" code="label.inquiry"/> <i class="icon-download"></i>

You can also take a look at Strip whitespace from jsp output. Personally, I use Freemarker, and its directive <#ftl strip_whitespace=true>, so I hope the former link is the jsp variant of that.

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