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How do I enable hardware acceleration for HTML5 canvas in JavaScript? Or is it not possible in JavaScript? I remember that I read somewhere about doing that using something CSS or Webgl but I dont remember.... If this is a bad question please do not -rep me, just tell me and I'll remove it.

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What you probably remember is the CSS 'trick' that triggers accelerated display even if you don't really do 3d yourself:

A common way is using:

transform: translateZ(0);

in your css. (add the browser-prefixed versions if needed)

Please note that this is by no means an officially supported way of switching on hardware acceleration, it's just an (undocumented?) side-effect in some browsers.

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It's not necessarily a bad question, but you do have to research a little more. It's natively provided in nearly every modern browser (don't know about IE). So basically, you're not really able to turn it on or off, it just is there, and the only way to turn it off is through client, not server.


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