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How can I log into my server using anonymous user with ASMACK library for XMPP in android?

I am using OpenFire server

Right now I am getting my self logged in using this code:

String host = "web.xyz.com"; //getText(R.id.host);
String port = "5222";  //getText(R.id.port);
String service = "web.xyz.com";//getText(R.id.service);
String username = Register.username; //getText(R.id.userid);
String password = Register.pass; //getText(R.id.password);

// Create a connection
connConfig = new ConnectionConfiguration(host, Integer.parseInt(port),service);
connection = new XMPPConnection("host");

try {
    Log.i("XMPPClient", "[SettingsDialog] Connected to " + connection.getHost());
} catch (XMPPException ex) {
    Log.e("XMPPClient", "[SettingsDialog] Failed to connect to " + ex.getMessage());
try {
    connection.login(username, password);
    Log.i("XMPPClient", "Logged in as " + connection.getUser());

    // Set the status to available
    Presence presence = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);
} catch (XMPPException ex) {
    Log.e("XMPPClient", "[SettingsDialog] Failed to log in as " + username);

Any help will be appreciated

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what is your issue? –  njzk2 Mar 25 at 13:23
what do you use ? openfire ? ejabberd ? –  cesztoszule Mar 25 at 13:23
Have you configured local server and configure user credential? server like ejjaberd ,quickblox etc. –  Tarun - Systematix Mar 25 at 13:24
yes i am using openfire server. and i can log in with a user name and password that has already been registered in the server. but i cannot log in anonymously –  Hassaan Rabbani Mar 25 at 13:28
see, xmpp/openfire provide us this facility to log in anonymously with the server. i want to log in my self anonymously –  Hassaan Rabbani Mar 25 at 13:29

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If you want to login anonymously, you must enable anonymous connections at the server, and you does not need to provide username and password, just use connection.loginAnonymously() instead of login()

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connection.loginAnonymously does the trick –  Hassaan Rabbani Mar 26 at 7:46

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