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In my visual studio 2010 project, I included two solutions. I have an mfc application, which is a dialog box, and another visual c++ application that just prints out text. What I want to happen is for the dialog box to pop up, then the user will input x values, y values, etc, and once the user clicks okay the second application will do calculations on these variables and then give an output. I have the two projects made already, but I'm having trouble combining them. The first thing to pop up when the combined project runs is simply a dialog box, and once the user clicks ok, something that looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/pziViRp.png?1 should appear. Any help would be appreciated - sorry if my explanation was unclear.

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Your picture is a console app. So you want to make sure your second app is created as a console app and accepts its inputs in the argc, argv command line.

The first app would call CreateProcess to start the second app, passing its path and its command line.

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Hi, thanks a lot for the response. Sorry for the potentially ignorant question, but where can I find the path and its command line? Sorry, I'm new to visual studio and usually work on a mac so I'm not as familiar with windows. –  user3078608 Mar 27 at 0:15
The "path" is the complete file name of the file you want to run. It might be something like C:\Program Files\Company\Prog2.exe The "command line" is a fundamental C paradigm, not Windows related. A console program starts at main, and main receives two parameters: argc and argv. They give the command line to the program. See any C or C++ textbook if you are not familiar with this interface. –  ScottMcP-MVP Mar 27 at 2:17

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