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I can override edit_inline/tabular.html if I save it in my overall template directory ( let's say mysite/templates/admin/edit_inline/tabular.html ) , but when I try to save it with other admin template, like change_form.html ( in mysite/myapp/templates/admin/myapp/mymodel/change_form.html, it doesn't work.

Any thoughts?


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The documentation hints that inlines can have a template attribute. Try setting that to admin/myapp/mymodel/edit_inline/tabular.html and create the corresponding template file in the templates directory of myapp.

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I come across this thread which is a bit old, in fact for the inline model you need to explicitly set your new template in your like below :

class ModelInlineAdmin(admin.StackedInline):
    model = Product
    template = "admin/products/product/edit_inline/stacked.html"

check this

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The form is like this:


For you change_form.html example, it should be like this:


See for more.

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