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I currently have a google form with a number of advanced scripts attached to it. I have been able to easily customize a drop down menu on my FORM based upon cell values from OTHER google sheets. My question is there any way to customize the drop down for time? I'd like a specific RANGE of times (for example 1pm - 8pm) if at all possible or at the very least have the "minutes" drop down be in 15 minute choices (00, 15, 30, 45) as apposed to all items 00-59. My reasoning is that I am using this form on a mobile device and it creates a lot of scrolling.

Below is my code that WORKS fine for List items. I've modified it to work with TIME items and have not had any luck with it. Any ideas...

//this works in grabbing the time item from the form
TimeItem = form.getItemById(TimeItemId).asTimeItem();

//Get the object of the current spread sheet
ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();

// Get my CustomTimes named range from the spreadsheet
// Currently this is "12:15:00", "12:30:00", "12:45:00", "1:00:00"
TimeRange = ss.getRangeByName('CustomTimes');
Times = TimeRange.getValues();

// Create an array of choices
var TimeChoices = []

for (i=0; i < Times.length; ++i) {

  Time = Times[i][0].toString().trim();

  if (!(Time=='')) {
    //This line BREAKS due to not being able to create a time using "CreateChoice()"
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