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I'm trying to create a user in mongo who can do anything in any db.

According to the guide I created a new admin: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/add-user-administrator

This is the code:

use admin
db.addUser( { user: "try1",
              pwd: "hello,
              roles: [ "userAdminAnyDatabase" ] } )

Then I stopped mongo, enabled the auth and restarted mongo.

Then I tried to create a database with his user.

According with this guide: http://www.mkyong.com/mongodb/how-to-create-database-or-collection-in-mongodb/

use fragola 
db.users.save( {username:"fragolino"} )

And I get this: "not authorized for insert on fragola.users"

Anyone can help me?

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The role userAdminAnyDatabase gives the user the ability to create users and assign arbitrary roles to them. Because of this, that user has the power to do anything on the database, because he can give anybody any permission (including himself).

However, the userAdminAnyDatabase role by itself doesn't allow the user to do anything else besides assigning arbitrary rights to arbitrary users. To actually do something on the database, that user needs to have the following additional roles:


A user who has the above three rights and userAdminAnyDatabase is a true super-user and can do anything.

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