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DateTime[] arr=new DateTime[dt.Rows.Count];
for(int i=0;i<dt.Rows.Count;i++){
this.monthCalendar1.MonthlyBoldedDates = arr;

I want on monthCalendar1_DateChanged to get the DateTime(including the time). I tried to use monthCalendar1.SelectionStart but I get only the date without the time value.


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What control are you using on your front end? AJAX toolkit? –  Brian Mains Mar 25 at 15:19
Its Windows Forms –  Mike L Mar 25 at 15:19
What time value would you like to use? The control won't provide one obviously. –  LarsTech Mar 25 at 15:23
A calendar shows dates, not times. Recovering the time from the selection can be done simply with, say, a Dictionary. Assuming the days are unique, hardly a guarantee. –  Hans Passant Mar 25 at 15:24
dt.Rows[i]["datetime"] contains time, if days are not unique? –  Mike L Mar 25 at 15:28

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