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I've created a custom ItemRenderer extending UIComponent and implementing IListItemRenderer. This renderer contains a Text-Object to display the value.

For editing I'm using the standard ItemEditor (TextInput).

Now, when I want to edit a value, I click on a cell and the editor is created. But instead of displaying the value which was displayed in the renderer, "[object Object]" is displayed.

Does someone know why and can help me out here? Would be awesome!

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Post the relevant code. Have you specified editorDataField? –  Amarghosh Feb 15 '10 at 7:54
Posting relevant code is not that easy, since its completely generic and therefore a bit bulkier.. But I have managed my problem by writing my own editor and setting the text property to the relevant value on the dataChange event. –  Thomas Feb 15 '10 at 13:04

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It sounds like the labelField of your itemRenderer is set to the data/object itself rather than the property of the object. Make sure you have specified a labelField and that your TextArea#text property is set to data.property rather than data. This is because

var data:Object = new Object();
data.label = "Hello";
trace(data); // "[object Object]"
trace(data.toString()); // "[object Object]" 
trace(data.label); // "Hello";

Hope that helps, Lance

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