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Currently I am designing layer 2 topology discovery application. LLDP protocol helps me to discover layer 2 neighbor devices. So far I have observed that LLDP is only available in Layer 2 Device Lan Ports but Wirless port does not provides LLDP information.

As per LLDP, if more neighbor device are connected to the same port (i.e By the help of HUB ) on the local device, then it may not give all neighbor information. This may not be suitable for Wireless device, because WLAN AP device connects many more client on the same port.

Also, WLAN AP itself provides all connected client information on their private MIBS and WLAN client device says who is my current WLAN AP. This would be sufficient to know the neighbor device and thus no need of LLDP in WLAN port.

Please help to me know, is my assumption correct? and Is there any wireless port provides LLDP information?

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