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I install Ubuntu server. PHP Version 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.4. In my browser: server.local/catalog?id=250 $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] has no value $_SERVER["REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING"] has id=250

But in my shared hosting is all ok. $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] has id=250 and don't have $_SERVER["REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING"]

How I can solve this problem? php.ini or apache2.conf?

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Apache config. Compare both. –  Gerben Jacobs Mar 25 at 15:15
apache config is equal –  bar-boss Mar 27 at 7:30
Are you using .htaccess for URL rewriting? Make sure you also add the Q-flag to send query data. –  Gerben Jacobs Mar 27 at 8:26

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