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From the following:

=IF(A2<100, "1", IF(OR(A2>=101, A2<=800), "2", IF(OR(A2>=801, A2<=1000), "3")))

when inputting a number, I can only get the outputs of 1 and 2. 3 will not be output if I input a number ranging from 801-1000. Anyone understand why?

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Use this one instead:

=IF(A2<100, "1", IF(AND(A2>=101, A2<=800), "2", IF(AND(A2>=801, A2<=1000), "3")))

also if A2 is 100 formula returns FALSE. Maybe you need to change A2<100 to A2<=100?

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thank you, it worked :) –  user3460355 Mar 25 '14 at 15:23

You can actually make the formula shorter as well, if you use something like this:

=IF(A2<100, "1", IF(A2<=800, "2", IF(A2<=1000, "3")))

That's assuming that there are no breaking points in the allowed range (re the issue with A2<=100 and if decimals are allowed (e.g. 800.5 would currently return FALSE with your formula, but will return 3 with the above one).

Or use a defined table for lookup purposes and then use VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH to get the corresponding values for the inserted values in cell A2 (this is particularly useful if you have a lot of different ranges for which there is to be different results).

Also note that in the above, you will be getting text values because of the quotes. If you need numeric values, remove them.

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good point, Jerry! –  simoco Mar 25 '14 at 15:34

LOOKUP is another option, e.g. assuming A2 is a positive number

=LOOKUP(A2,{0,101,801,1001},{1,2,3,"Out of range"})

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