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I want to converter this C# to VB.NET

internal static void CreateMap(AutoMapperService autoMapperService)

        autoMapperService.CreateMap<string, GameTypeEnum>()
            .ConvertUsing(s => GameTypeConsts.GameTypes
                .First(x => x.Value == s).Key);

        autoMapperService.CreateMap<string, GameModeEnum>()
            .ConvertUsing(s => GameModeConsts.GameModes
                .First(x => x.Value == s).Key);

        autoMapperService.CreateMap<string, GameSubTypeEnum>()
            .ConvertUsing(s => GameSubTypeConsts.GameSubTypes
                .First(x => x.Value == s).Key);


        autoMapperService.CreateMap<RecentGamesDto, IEnumerable<IGame>>()
            .ConvertUsing(x => x.Games.Select(autoMapperService.Map<GameDto, IGame>));


 Friend Shared Sub CreateMap(autoMapperService As AutoMapperService)

        autoMapperService.CreateMap(Of String, GameTypeEnum).ConvertUsing(Function(s) GameTypeConsts.GameTypes.First(Function(x) x.Value = s).Key)

        autoMapperService.CreateMap(Of String, GameModeEnum).ConvertUsing(Function(s) GameModeConsts.GameModes.First(Function(x) x.Value = s).Key)

        autoMapperService.CreateMap(Of String, GameSubTypeEnum).ConvertUsing(Function(s) GameSubTypeConsts.GameSubTypes.First(Function(x) x.Value = s).Key)

        CreateMap(Of Game)(autoMapperService)
        CreateMap(Of IGame)(autoMapperService).[As](Of Game)()

        autoMapperService.CreateMap(Of RecentGamesDto, IEnumerable(Of IGame))().ConvertUsing(Function(x) x.Games.Select(autoMapperService.Map(Of GameDto, IGame)))
    End Sub

I and up getting an exception at the last VB.NET Codeline: enter image description here Telling me that I am missing the item property

Thats the original project: https://github.com/XeeX/LeagueOfLegendsAPI This is the function where I am missing the item property: https://github.com/XeeX/LeagueOfLegendsAPI/blob/master/PortableLeagueApi.Core/Services/AutoMapperService.cs

Can someone give me a hint what am I missing?


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Don't do it. Don't convert to VB.NET and you won't have this problem. –  Jeremy Cook Mar 25 '14 at 15:43

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I'm not 100% sure (my VB.NET skills are rusty), but I think the problem is how you're trying to pass the Map method as a parameter to Select method. Try using AddressOf:

autoMapperService.CreateMap(Of RecentGamesDto, IEnumerable(Of IGame))().ConvertUsing(Function(x) x.Games.Select(AddressOf autoMapperService.Map(Of GameDto, IGame)))
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Thanks! This was the solution for my problem. –  Christoph Weigert Mar 25 '14 at 15:53

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