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eCommerce specialists I would very much appreciate your advice on the following architecture question :)


As a project manager I'm doing an ecommerce project for a mailorder machine-washer repair-service with a lot of custom requirements. Basically the business proces is this:

  1. customer uses troubleshooter wizard to find out if his machine-washer can be repaired
  2. customer views videoguide how to remove broken part from machine
  3. customer orders repair ticket for his washer (ecommerce integration here) and sends in broken part.
  4. customer receives repaired part and reinserts part in machine

All this needs to be really user friendly, so this requires a site with a large degree of custom programming. Next to this, there is a 'standard' webshop where customers can order spare parts etc.

Some other relevant requirements are:

  • rich CMS for different pages/layouts (forum, FAQ, blog)
  • multi language support
  • customer feedback integration
  • decent SEO

Scale & budget

Small webshop, about 50 products, 10 orders/day in the foreseeable future. Budget: $ 2.000-3.000


I have contacted a freelance developer (experience in WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Symfony) who says he can build this, but he recommends going full custom with the Symfony framework. WooCommerce would be not very efficient with product-tables with a lot of custom variables (not sure if this applies here).

My gut feeling says however that this is a lot to build from scratch up and also hampers future development. By using a proven platform you get future development for free!

Question - Which is the better option?

  1. Use a proven platform (such as WooCommerce) and customize where needed (addon modules)
  2. Start from scratch with Symfony as a basis

My Pro-scratch arguments

  • not tied to inefficient table-structures of Wordpress/WooCommerce
  • more coding-freedom

My Con-scratch arguments

  • more expensive
  • less futureproof (woocommerce/wordpress keeps getting better)
  • existing design templates can save more time with most page-layouts already built in
  • better CMS

Sorry for the long post, eager to hear anyones take on this!

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I've used WooCommerce for multiple projects with a huge variety of products and in my opinion it's the best eCommerce solution out there. The customization options/plugins are enormous, and as you mentioned, it's only getting more efficient. The level of support and documentation you receive is also a huge consideration.

Based on the business process you outlined I think that a system from scratch would really be unwarranted in this situation, and would be pushing the budget as well.

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Hi redleaf, thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one (holiday in between). You confirmed my thoughts so I feel more confident in going ahead with WooCommerce now. Thanks! – timfromholland Apr 10 '14 at 13:53

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