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I have a ClearCanvas archive server that has some DICOM studies, I would like to filter out some studies based on some tags,

I tried findscu in dcm4che3 to filter out studies by manufacturer name, Here is the query I tried to get studies that have manufacturer name as Philips

findscu.bat -c CCARCHIVE@ -m "00080070=Philps*"

It does return some result but with empty manufacturer tag though all the study has manufacturer tag info. I tried different levels with -L argument, but no luck

Am I missing something?

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Unfortunately, I don't think manufacturer is a required query attribute (see part 4, section C.6 of the DICOM standard). That said, ClearCanvas may support it as a series level attribute (check the conformance statement). If so, you'll have to make a series level query. Add


to your query. Lots more results, but may get you what you need.

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Thanks, I will try. – iraSenthil Apr 16 '14 at 21:18

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