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I am trying to generate a .docx file from rmd with knitr/pandoc within RStudio. But I am receiving the followinfg erroe messge status 83 and I can't solve the status message. Any suggestions or help would be nice. Thank you very much. Sebastian

system(paste0("pandoc -o ", name, ".docx ", name, ".md --bibliography sukstorf.bib"))
pandoc-citeproc: "stdin" (line 421, column 2):
unexpected "O"
expecting "c", "C", "p", "P", "s" or "S"
pandoc.exe: Error running filter pandoc-citeproc
Warning message:
running command 'pandoc -o hr-statistik-mit-r.docx hr-statistik-mit-r.md --bibliography sukstorf.bib' had status 83
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Pretty sure you need --bibliography sukstorf.bib to be --bibliography=sukstorf.bib

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Hi, Thank you for the tip. The Problem is solved. It was a "'" in one of my BibTex-Keys. After I've changed the Key everything went fine. –  SebastianS Mar 31 at 10:01

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