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I have a very simple database with a table called score with columns called id, count and GameDate, when I test it from web services (visual studios) it returns false to me rather than true. so its not running my query, I cant seem to find anything wrong with it.

Dose anyone know ?


public bool SaveScore(int Score)
    string connString = "Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Balloon_Math;Integrated Security=True";
    CultureInfo culture = new CultureInfo("en-US");
    string myQuery = "INSERT INTO score(count, GameDate) VALUES (" + Score + ",'" + DateTime.Now.ToString("d", culture) + "')";

    SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(connString);
    SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand(myQuery, myConnection);

        return true;
        return false;
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Your first step should be to catch the exception and figure out what it's telling you –  Jonesy Mar 25 at 16:40

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Stab in the dark, but I'm gonna guess this bit is wrong Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS should probably be something like Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS instead

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would that not be .\SQLEXPRESS –  Yakyb Mar 25 at 16:47
That's what I get for not thinking about the answer too much :) –  DarkHippo Mar 25 at 16:50
solved .... .\\SQLEXPRESS thank you @DarkHippo –  Beep Mar 25 at 16:54
You're welcome (hey, I was pretty close) –  DarkHippo Mar 25 at 16:57

Change your catch to this:

catch (Exception ex)
  return false;

Then place a break point on return false; and see what the value of ex is

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Or just print it out.. –  Byron Mar 25 at 16:42
That would also work –  MikeH Mar 25 at 16:42
catch {} work also without parameter source –  lomed Mar 25 at 16:44
This should probably be posted as a comment (as Jonesy already had). It is not a solution to the problem, but a step in the right direction. –  sab669 Mar 25 at 16:47
@sab669, Maybe, but code doesn't look very good in a comment. I'm open to suggestions on that front. –  MikeH Mar 25 at 16:53

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