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edI m working on an rails application with jquery UI. I use draggable-droppable on a page:

  $("#listelement li").draggable({
    revert: "invalid"

The problem is that it works only once I refresh the page, the first time it just won't be dragged...I used firebug on firefox to see there is a:

304 Not Modified 56ms

I understand it's not an error, rather an information telling me that the assets have not been reloaded. However, it looks my problem comes from there, I just need a bit of direction...Would it be a good thing to reload the page in the controller on arrival?

Or maybe it can only come from my code?

If you have ever met that, how did you fix it?


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Add following gem into your gem file:

gem 'turbolinks'
gem 'jquery-turbolinks'

then do bundle and rails s

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thanks Mayank for your time. But it does not fix the problem –  user3029400 Mar 25 at 18:28
ok..is following lines available in your application.js //= require turbolinks //= require jquery.ui.draggable //= require jquery.turbolinks if not then add and bundle –  Mayank Mar 25 at 18:36
yes!! thank you Mayank! works great! –  user3029400 Mar 25 at 18:57
u r welcome ... –  Mayank Mar 25 at 19:00

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