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I currently have the following code to parse a csv file using the standard csv library

@parsed_file.each  do |row|
#some code

I want to move this to faster csv for the increased speed. Does anyone know the equivalent of the above for FasterCSV?


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CSV::Reader.parse(File.open('file.csv')){|row| puts row} 
CSV::Reader.parse("some, content\nanother, content"){|row| puts row} 


FasterCSV.parse(File.open('file.csv')){|row| puts row}
FasterCSV.parse("some, content\nanother, content"){|row| puts row}

are equivalent.



takes filename as parameter and reads and parse data from the file however you are dumping the file content as you are passing data in the parameter

@parsed_file = FasterCSV.parse(params[:dump][:file])
@parsed_file.each do |row| 
  puts row
  # and do some operations

should work fine.

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To do it with a file path (as you appear to be):


You can check the FasterCSV docs for other ways to do it (e.g., process each row as it's parsed, or read from a string instead of a file).

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Get a Can't Convert temp file into string error –  Splashlin Feb 15 '10 at 6:48

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