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I have a GWT based application, which inserts an "object" element on-demand.

Like this:

 //Install the activeX control.
 RootPanel.get().getElement().appendChild( elementContainingActiveXControl );

The first time this occurs, the user must "approve" use of the activeX control. this is typical browser behavior.

What happens though, is once they click "accept" to allow use of the activeX control, the browser refreshes, and the initial GWT page is presented. the page they were on wasn't preserved.

For example:

  1. A user navigates to mygwtapp.com/foo.
  2. Eventually they may have navigated down to something like mygwtapp.com/foo/#bar.bam.bang;uid=abcdefghijk
  3. The some widget on the page is toggled, which causes the activeX control to be installed.
  4. The user is presented with the standard IE dialog to approve use of the activeX control
  5. The user allows the use of the activeX control.
  6. The browser refreshes.


The user is taken back to: mygwtapp.com/foo

Is this a limitation of the browser or GWT?

Perhaps there is a better way to insert the activeX control?

any way around this?

Thanks, Shyam

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