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I want to let the user give me a variable number of strings (as virables). example :

begin cout('Hello').(' ').('world') end.

this will print: "Hello world" I know I just can let him input a string but I want to this code to work... I think a record will help nut I dont know how thank you

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Depending on dialect, search in your manual for "array of const" – Marco van de Voort Mar 26 '14 at 13:00

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Im not sure what is that code example you have written ... but i try to help you.

    Program test;
uses crt;

var string1,string2,string3:string;

 write("Write to first string : "); readln(string1);
 write("Write to second string: "); readln(string2);
 write("Write to third string : "); readln(string3);

String2:= string1 +" "+ string3; // it will add first with third string to one with one space

String3:= string2 +" "+ string1;// also 2.+ 1.
clrscr; //clearscreen (in CRT)
writeln("1. = 1.");
writeln("2. = 1. + 3.");
writeln("3. = 2. + 1.");

I havent tested this (i have written it now for you) i think you will read it and learn how to addict or how to do simple with strings.

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