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I have a DB component which DataLink.UpdateRecord is called when it receives CM_EXIT message. This message is sent when it loses focus. When I click post button, it doesn't lose focus and value is not written to datasource. How can I reach an effect of component losing focus without switching it to other one?

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You could use:

procedure TCustomForm.DefocusControl(Control: TWinControl; Removing: Boolean);
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I looked at this procedure, tried using it, and it didn't work. Now I did it again and it works. It is time to go to sleep:) –  LukLed Feb 15 '10 at 8:35
As it occurs, setting Self.ActiveControl := nil does the job too and is more intuitive. Obviously not for me.... –  LukLed Feb 15 '10 at 17:32
@LukLed: Great tip, Thanks! –  Sharken Mar 14 '12 at 15:11

Have a look at TCustomForm.FocusControl. You can't make it lose focus without switching focus to something else, but you can switch and then immediately switch back, which would probably work.

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And how can I do it with FocusControl? Calling it on active control doesn't trigger events. –  LukLed Feb 15 '10 at 8:06

We accomplish this by setting the Self.ActiveControl := nil. That causes all of the exit events to fire. In our case we wanted to also re-focus back to the control after the save took place. That required a few extra checks to ensure we had a good control that could accept focus.

procedure TSaleEditor.SaveCurrentState();
  SavedActiveControl: TWinControl;
  AlternateSavedControl: TWinControl;

  // Force the current control to exit and save any state.
  if Self.ActiveControl <> nil then
    SavedActiveControl := Self.ActiveControl;

    // We may have an inplace grid editor as the current control.  In that case we
    // will not be able to reset it as the active control.  This will cause the
    // Scroll box to scroll to the active control, which will be the lowest tab order
    // control.  Our "real" controls have names, where the dynamic inplace editor do not
    // find an Alternate control to set the focus by walking up the parent list until we
    // find a named control.
    AlternateSavedControl := SavedActiveControl;
    while (AlternateSavedControl.Name = '') and (AlternateSavedControl.Parent <> nil) do
      AlternateSavedControl := AlternateSavedControl.Parent;

    Self.ActiveControl := nil;

    // If the control is a radio button then do not re-set focus
    // because if you are un-selecting the radio button this will automatically
    // re-select it again
    if (SavedActiveControl.CanFocus = true) and
      ((SavedActiveControl is TcxRadioButton) = false) then
      Self.ActiveControl := SavedActiveControl;
    else if (AlternateSavedControl.CanFocus = true) and
      ((AlternateSavedControl is TcxRadioButton) = false) then
      Self.ActiveControl := AlternateSavedControl;


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There is a SetFocus function in windows unit. Try this:


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