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I'm debugging a location-aware app, and getting frustrated with the iOS simulator. For some reason every time I run my app from Xcode the Location setting (under the Debug menu) resets to "None" (from "Custom Location…").

Anyone know how to prevent this?

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In your project select edit scheme and go to the option tab. Edit default location to your liken.

enter image description here

Check apple doc for other customizable option. If you want to create a permanent location create a GPX file with editor or online generator

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For another advanced GPX creator, this works quite well for route creations. – Nick N May 2 '14 at 16:07
Thanks! That has been annoying me for AGES! – Nick Sep 13 '14 at 10:28

You can set it in Default location option as Shams Ahmed mentioned, but there is one more option.

If you want XCode to keep your preference you made in Debug – Location menu in iOS Simulator, simply deselect the Allow Location Simulation checkbox in the Edit scheme menu. Now the location will not be reset to "None" and iOS Simulator will respect your location setting.

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That is actually the solution I have been looking for! – Roberto Ferraz Jul 16 '14 at 8:57
This should be the selected answer! – Ben Marten Jul 28 '14 at 14:46
This does keep the simulator's custom setting. But then the app is unable to find it's location when launched directly on a device. – mpoisot Feb 26 at 19:14

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