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My customer has asked for a display for his customers like the screen shot at my web site -- I can't post images yet.


This is a DataForm Web Part, customized to show the Ad and Responding firms as pdf icons, which hyperlink to the documents in a document library. I've solved the display for the customer, BUT...

I can't figure out a way to build the back end that makes sense. A document library with tagged pdfs is one component. A list of "Lettings" with details is another. My best idea is a workflow that runs when a document is uploaded, and finds the corresponding item in the list, and creates a hyperlink in the "Lettings" list is my best idea. But it still seems complicated for the user -- go to the LETTING LIST to set up the letting. Then go to the DOCUMENT LIBRARY to upload new documents. But if there's a typo in the description, you have to edit the LETTING LIST. etc etc. And if you have to remove one, you'd have to remove the item in the LETTING LIST, and multiple associated documents.

I have a programmer on staff (not a SP programmer, but someone who is very bright and can learn). And of course, we have SP Designer, as well as VS 2010. Any suggestions on an approach?

Sorry for the poor format of the question. I really don't know how to ask. :)


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