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As an important caveat: I do not have root on the computer where I am working. I cannot add/update anything on this computer unfortunately. This problem likely has several easy solutions (use Symbol, use UTF encoding) that will not work on this computer.

I'm trying to plot a mu within the title of a figure I generate in gnuplot, version 4.2 pl 6 in a gif terminal. There is no UTF8 encoding in this terminal/version, so {/Symbol m} notation tells me there is not symbol font, etc. I am trying to use DejaVuSans font (I can find it, so I can set GDFONTPATH for it). The character I need, lower case mu, has a hex code value of 0x03BC in this font. That translate into octal as 1674.

For other characters, I can use the notation \nnn to get the character desired. However, that notation only works up through \777. Once I need 4 octal digits for a character, gnuplot starts showing me the character encoded by the first 3 characters followed by the 4 character as a literal - ie, returning to \nnn format, and then the literal 4th digit.

Is there some way to specify an octal value greater than \777 in gnuplot?

Thanks much for any advice / suggestions / hints / commiseration


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You could use the postscript terminal, which can use the Symbol font since this is one of the 35 Postscript base fonts Then you would possibly need only ghostscript to convert it to another image format. – Christoph Mar 25 '14 at 20:53

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