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I'm trying to create some touch events for a cordova application/game, but the documentation on the jgestures site is not helping much.

For example: I have three different audio files and when I tap with one finger on the screen I want to play the first audio file and when I tap with two fingers I want to play the second audio file... and so on.

Help would be appreciated!


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On touchend event of element, check for event.touches count and do the required operations.

element.on('touchend', function(e){
     if(event.touches.length == 1){
          //Handle one finger tap

Otherwise, jGestures has "tapone", "taptwo", "tapthree" events to handle the taps.

element.on('tapone', function(e){
     //Handle one finger tap

More events are documented here

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Thanks for the answer, but it's still not working. Is there any other way? –  Habib Mar 26 at 17:03

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