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I have a tool to set up a hook. It is built by C++, and hook code is actually running in the browser process. For IE, it is very easy to obtain the document and then get the entire DOM via API/Interface exposed by mshtml.dll.

Now, I have to make this tool work for Google Chrome as it can do for IE. I have couple question:

  1. Does Google Chrome expose any interface that I can obtain from C++.
  2. Since I am not able to find out a good source to answer #1 question, I think about building a NaCl module. This module will interact with my C++ module and it will interact with Google Chrome to get the DOM. The challenge here is how to attach NaCl module into every Google Chrome process. I am asking the method which is similar to LoadLibrary API used in loading a DLL. Because I have had the native code running in the every Google Chrome process.
  3. If #2 is not feasible, is building an extension for Google Chrome doable?

I appreciate your help.

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It sounds to me like you will want to create chrome extension. Using an extension you can interact directly with DOM using JavaScript. You can also build your C++ code as a NaCl module which can be part of your extension. The only way for the JavaScript and C++ code to communicate is via the PostMessage interface. Direct access to the DOM from C++ is not possible.

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