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I have coded and tested a Python Endpoints server-side for an Android app that I'm building.

The coded server-side works perfectly on the API Explorer. I'm also able to generate the zip containing the classes jar file, but when I import it, either on Eclipse or on Android Studio, I'm unable to use it's classes on my Android Project.

On Eclipse, under Android Private Libraries, I can see the model module, but none of it's classes. The main API classes are also missing.

On Android Studio, I can see all the classes when I expand the included jar file, but I'm unable to use any of them on my project as they do not resolve, even after a manual import. It seems that AS is properly importing the JAR as a lib, as while typing the import line on any of the project classes, auto-complete works, but it is missing all the classes.

Here is the command I'm using to generate the JAR file:

endpointscfg.py get_client_lib java --hostname localhost:8080 main.MyApi

My services class starts as following:

@endpoints.api(name='myapi', version='v1')
class MyApi(remote.Service):

I'm doing something wrong?

Also, from the java classes zip file, should I import into my Android project all the jar files contained by the libs directory?

Thanks in advance.

More information:

The generated jar contains a main class as follows:

public class MyApi extends  com.google.api.client.googleapis.services.json.AbstractGoogleJsonClient {


and this main class has the following inner class:

public class Blob {

    public Request request(java.lang.String type) throws java.io.IOException {
      Request result = new Request(type);
      return result;

The inner class Blob has the bellow error on it's Request result object:

initialize (com.google.api.client.googleapis.services.AbstractGoogleClientRequest<?>)  in MyApi cannot be applied to  (com.appspot.trim_bot.myapi.MyApi.Blob.Request)

Added on April 16th:

It seems that the compiled EndPoints classes cannot resolve their dependencies.

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were you able to get this working? I'm having the exact same problem; I move the sources JAR to libs and add it to the build path, but only Models shows up. –  Jaime Ivan Cervantes Sep 14 at 0:38

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I had a similar problem and I worked around it doing the following. Take note that this is probably not the most efficient way of doing it.

  • my app engine project is set to run with ant, so I generate the library using
    $/appengine-java-sdk/bin/endpoints.sh get-client-lib name.MessageEndpoint
    $mkdir tmp
    $mv name-v1-java.zip tmp/
    $cd tmp; unzip name-v1-java.zip; jar -xvf name_appspot_com-foo-v1.jar
    $mv com {root of android studio project/src/main/java}

  • edit src/build.gradle in android studio, add the list of jar that were added when building the endpoint client library.

    compile(group: 'com.google.api-client', name: 'google-api-client-appengine', version: '1.18.0-rc')
    compile(group: 'com.google.api-client', name: 'google-api-client-gson', version: '1.18.0-rc')

    rebuild and it looks like it is working.

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