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I am a complete newbie when it comes to regular expressions. Even after reading guides about them, I still have a hard time formulating my own. I am trying to get my form to validate the fax number in the +12345678910 format. I have some code, but it allows me to submit mixed numbers and letters, as well as submit data with blank spaces and without filling out the faxnum text box completely. I would strongly appreciate any help with the form and tips on how to become more proficient with regex.

var fax = document.registration.faxnum; 

function faxval(fax)
    var numbers = /[\+? *[1-9]+]?[0-9 ]+/; //Bad regex
    if (fax.value.match(numbers))
        document.getElementById("faxmsg").innerHTML=("Everything is OK.");
        faxmsg.innerHTML=("Invalid fax number.");
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I'd suggest looking for a good fax number, not a bad one –  Jeremy Cook Mar 25 at 20:04
You're using square brackets incorrectly. Try /(\+? *[1-9])?[0-9 ]+/ instead, perhaps? –  squeamish ossifrage Mar 25 at 20:05
@squeamishossifrage unfortunately this gave me the same results. –  user3361043 Mar 25 at 20:16
@user3361043 Ah, you need to match the start and end of the string too: /^(\+? *[1-9])?[0-9 ]+$/ –  squeamish ossifrage Mar 25 at 20:18
You shouldn't put any spaces in the regular expressions! (But if you need to match a space, just use \s) –  Al.G. Mar 25 at 20:28

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To match a number like +12345678910, try: \+1[2-9][0-9]{9}

I assume that the +1 portion is the international number code, 234 is the area code, 567 is the exchange and 8910 is the rest of the number. This pattern would also match a number such as +12125551212.

The first digit of any U.S. or Canadian phone number must be 2 through 9. So we can allow that as the first character ([2-9]). Then the rest of the number will be 9 digits long, 0 through 9 ([0-9]{9}).

If you want to allow - or . too, you can use: \+1(|\.|\-)[2-9][0-9]{2}(|\.|\-)[0-9]{3}(|\.|\-)[0-9]{4}. The (|\.|\-) part means "allow no character OR a . character OR a - character."

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I tried your first regex, but my form stopped working completely. Right now I am using squeamish's /^(\+? *[1-9])?[0-9 ]+$/ regex but it still lets me submit incomplete data. I need a solution which restricts the user to +12345678910 format and nothing else. –  user3361043 Mar 25 at 21:01
If you didn't already, try wrapping it in / pattern delimeters: /\+1[2-9][0-9]{9}/ or /\+1(|\.|\-)[2-9][0-9]{2}(|\.|\-)[0-9]{3}(|\.|\-)[0-9]{4}/ –  webinista Mar 25 at 21:15
I did forget the delimeters. Thanks, this works. –  user3361043 Mar 25 at 21:28

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