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I'm sorry if I worded my title poorly, but here's what I have going on:

I have a hosted domain on GoDaddy that I set up awhile back, let's call it siteone.com
I recently registered another domain, I'll call it sitetwo.com, and I'd like to piggyback off of my current hosting plan for siteone.com.

Here's code similar to my webroot/index.php:

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "siteone.com")
else if ($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "sitetwo.com") header("location: two");

Works nicely... except for one thing. Obviously, if your destination is sitetwo.com, you will be directed to sitetwo.com/two

So my question... How can I modify either the PHP or some DNS record to simply show sitetwo.com, as if the files in the folder "two" were all in the webroot?

Also, a huge thank you to all those contributing to this site. I seldom post, but frequently lurk, and this website has been a huge factor in my learning to program!

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