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i'm working in a instance at us-central1-a zone and I can't copy a ~200GB file.

i've tried :

  • gsutil -m cp -L my.log my.file gs://my-bucket/
  • gsutil -m cp -L my.second.log my.file gs://my-bucket2/

And after several "catch ups" I get the following error:

CommandException: Some temporary components were not uploaded successfully. Please retry this upload. CommandException: X files/objects could not be transferred.

Any clues?


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This is a message you'll see if gsutil's parallel composite uploads feature fails to upload at least one of the pieces of the file.

A couple of questions...

  1. Have you already tried performing this upload again, after you saw this message?

  2. If this error persists, could you please provide the stack trace from gsutil -d cp...

If you're consistently seeing this error and need an immediate fix (if this is a bug with parallel uploads), you can set parallel_composite_upload_threshold=0 in the GSUtil section your boto config to disable parallel uploads.

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1. Yes, many times 2. I'm doing it right now. thanks for your answer. What do i have to clean in this stack trace before pasting it here? – brdido Mar 27 '14 at 13:51
To be safe - please redact any authorization headers, bearer tokens, etc., and then send it to (with a link to this stackoverflow question) rather than posting here. – Zach Wilt Mar 27 '14 at 18:49
Hello, sorry for taking so long. As the problem was in one instance and it was generating costs i've migrated de disk to a develop instance and i was able to copy the file from it, so i guess we will never know what the issue was. Thank you for your help and if it happens again i'll bring de diagnostic/debug output already. – brdido Apr 2 '14 at 18:33

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