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I have 6 UIButtons set up in my UIView, all in the exact same location. What I want to do, is to swipe from left to right or right to left, in order to go through the buttons.

I have the UIGestures all set up and working on the view, I am just not sure the best way to go about cycling through these UIButtons.

I was thinking that it could be simple enough to tag each UIButton and HIDE all but one, but am not sure about the best way to loop through these.

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Simply add them into an array and keep the index of the current selected one –  Jack Wu Mar 25 at 20:29
Some code to help out...anything? –  user717452 Mar 25 at 20:33

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Just put them in an NSMutableArray and whatever button is at index 0 is the visible one, as they swipe you'd remove the button at index 0, set it to hidden = YES and add it to the end of the array then set the button at index 0's hidden = NO.

Assuming you're using ARC, inside your class' implementation (.m) file:

@interface MyFancyButtonClass () {
    NSMutableArray *_swipeButtons;

inside your viewDidLoad:

_swipeButtons = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:buttonOne, buttonTwo, buttonThree, buttonFour, nil];
buttonOne.hidden = NO;
buttonTwo.hidden = buttonThree.hidden = buttonFour.hidden = YES;

inside your gestureRecognizer:

UIButton *currentVisibleButton = [_swipeButtons firstObject];
UIButton *nextVisibleButton = [_swipeButtons objectAtIndex:1];

[_swipeButtons removeObject:currentVisibleButton];
[_swipeButtons addObject:currentVisibleButton];

currentVisibleButton.hidden = YES;
nextVisibleButton.hidden = NO;
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You could also animate them fading out by setting there .alpha = 0 in an animation block. –  Adam Johnson Mar 25 at 20:30
Agreed, that'd be the slick way of doing it. –  Shizam Mar 25 at 20:31
How do you add buttons to a mutable array and how to you change all these things. –  user717452 Mar 25 at 20:31
I kind of get what you're saying, but there's little to go on. –  user717452 Mar 25 at 20:33
I have ` self.buttonArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithObjects:map, boardmembers, facebook, twitter, lessonbooks, schedule, nil];` but am not sure about what to do with the array now. –  user717452 Mar 25 at 20:38

Create a NSMutableArray like this:

NSMutableArray * buttons = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
[buttons addObject:button1];
[buttons addObject:button2];
[buttons addObject:button3];
[buttons addObject:button4];
[buttons addObject:button5];

Save this array to a property like this

self.buttons = buttons;

Store the currentButton Like this:

int currentButton = 0;

Get the current button like this:

UIButton * currentSelectedButton = buttons[currentButton];

Cycle through the buttons like this:

UIButton * currentSelectedButton = buttons[currentButton];
currentSelectedButton.hidden = YES;
if (currentButton >= self.buttons.count)
    currentButton = 0;
currentSelectedButton = buttons[currentButton];
currentSelectedButton.hidden = NO;
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Not sure if this works for my setup. I use .xib and not storyboard. The 6 buttons are laid out on my view, all in the same coordinates and size. I have two GestureRecognizers set up, one for left swipe and one for right swipe. They each call a different IBAction set up in my code. –  user717452 Mar 25 at 20:45
Create the array in ViewDidLoad: Connect all your buttons as IBOutlets to your code and you're good to go. If you're feeling adventurous, create a IBOutletCollection and your array of buttons is automatically created for you! –  Jack Wu Mar 25 at 21:06

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