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I want to create an android app for drupal site. We are using drupalgap Mobile Dev kit on client side. Currently I am able to fetch the node list. For example, I created a view of type 'lectures' and retrieved a list of lectures. Now I want to fetch the other content, like video url(or pdf download link) and then play it on the click of lecture title link.

Please anyone with drupal/drupalgap knowledge help. My sample code for current retrieval of list of lectures looks like this:

function my_module_lectures_page() {
  var content = {};
    content['my_lectures_list'] = {
    theme: 'view',
    //format: 'ul',
    format: 'table',
    path: 'my-lectures/json', /* the path to the view in Drupal */
    //markup: '<table>',

    row_callback: 'my_module_lectures_page_row',

    attributes: {
      id: 'my_lectures_view'
  return content;

function my_module_lectures_page_row(view, row) {
    return '<td>' + l(row.title, 'node/' + row.nid)+'<br/>'+row.length+'<br/>'+row.pdfdownload+'</br></td></br><hr></hr>';

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