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Hawtio has a lovely view of a running Camel application but I can't find any information on what the numbers refer to on the profile page.

E.g. we see Mean, Min and Max.

What do these refer to? Processes per second? Throughput?


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Yeah these numbers are from Apache Camel, from the MBeans that Camel offers. You can see some details here:

And yeah min / max / mean are what they say, eg the lowest / highest and average processing time.

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Thanks. So are the times in milliseconds per message? Thats what they look to be. –  Fortyrunner Mar 27 at 14:07
yes all times are in millis. The tooltip shows a description, in the attributes tab, and the tooltip may say if the times are in ms or sec. On top of my head only the shutdownstrategy mbean has a timeout in seconds (its 300 by default) –  Claus Ibsen Mar 27 at 15:59

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