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I'd like to create a new user kevin with a password of kevin.


user "kevin" do
  comment "default user"
  home "/home/kevin"
  shell "/bin/bash"
  password "kevin"

After provisioning my Vagrant box, I ssh'd onto the box. However, I was unable to su as the kevin user with a password of kevin.

[vagrant@vagrant-centos65 ~]$ su kevin
su: incorrect password

Looking at the Chef 'users' docs, I'm not sure that password is the right attribute to modify.

password    The password shadow hash. This attribute requires that 
            ruby-shadow be installed. This is part of the Debian package: 

How can I modify my above cookbook so that I can su as kevin with the same password?

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As illustrated on the documentation:, you need to generate the shadow hash using OpenSSL:

openssl passwd -1 "theplaintextpassword"

Or if you use mkpasswd:

mkpasswd -m sha-512
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The documentation of the cookbook user resource describes how the "password" attribute is encrypted. It also described how to set the value using openssl:

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