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Hi in a simple page i use php and javascript redirect to return to referrer page.

header("Location: $refererScript");


Which is the best way to protect those scripts from generate errors:

Ex. should i use urlencode for $refererScript (or at least for query string ) and if so will this acceptable from javascript or must use escape (or something else)

For $refererScript i use the code above

$refererParts = parse_url($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
{ $refererScript.="?".$refererQuery; }


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I would suggest you to use php header approach because if javascript is disabled, then there will be no redirect and you should url encode it eg:

$refererScript = urlencode($refererScript);
header("Location: $refererScript");
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Thanks, JavaScript redirect is necessary too. – ntan Feb 15 '10 at 8:59
@You are welcome :) – Sarfraz Feb 15 '10 at 9:22
and there are ways to detect whether javascript is enabled or not on user's browser – Sarfraz Feb 15 '10 at 9:22

In the $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]; should be already valid URL. If not, someone changed it manually and will get redirected to the wrong page.

I don't see any security risks here. Your code is fine.

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