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Is there any syntax that does something similar to MATLAB's "clear" i.e. if I have a global variable "a". How do I get rid of it? How do I do the analog of

clear a
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Currently, one doesn't. There is, however, an issue to track that feature:

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See the latest answer to this question here:

Retrieved from the docs:

Julia does not have an analog of MATLAB’s clear function; once a name is defined in a Julia session (technically, in module Main), it is always present.

If memory usage is your concern, you can always replace objects with ones that consume less memory. For example, if A is a gigabyte-sized array that you no longer need, you can free the memory with A = 0. The memory will be released the next time the garbage collector runs; you can force this to happen with gc().

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As of 0.3.9, it's possible to clear all global variables (get a new workspace), through the workspace() function.

It's also possible to get the variables from the last workspace by using LastMain (e.g. LastMain.foobar).

So currently the only way of doing what you desire, is to clear everything and transfer everything but the variable you want to your new workspace.

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