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I create a .caf audio file using AVAudioRecorder and if I try and play it back using AVAudioPlay I get no sound on the iPhone (if played in simulator works fine). If I close my application and reopen the file plays fine. Also I am not able to adjust the phone volume after recording unless I close and reopen my application. Any ideas?

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i am having the same problem. I guess the problem is in recording as the correct settings are not applied. – Biranchi Apr 16 '10 at 11:11

Was facing the same problem. Solved the problem by setting the AVAudioSession category to AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback mode. This is my working code:

AVAudioSession *audioSession = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance];
audioSession.delegate = self;
[audioSession setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback error:NULL];
[audioSession setActive: YES error: nil];

Also make sure that the audio recording has been finished successfully by implementing:

   -(void) audioRecorderDidFinishRecording:(AVAudioRecorder *)recorder successfully:(BOOL)flag
    NSLog(@"Recording success:%@",flag ? @"YES" : @"NO");

And check that you have added <AVAudioSessionDelegate,AVAudioRecorderDelegate,AVAudioPlayerDelegate>

in your interface declaration.

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This was exactly my solution. I had made a recording of audio, (mp4) and only could play back if I restarted the app. I am using MPMoviePlayerController to playback, so I think that its a bug on Apples part: When using hardware encode, the AVAudioSessionCategory is NOT reset by making a new player, even if the avaudiorecorder is dealloced, stopped, etc. You need to manually call setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback. – Tom Andersen Jul 18 '13 at 20:11

I have the same problem with a aac file. I used ima4 before which worked perfectly! I guess the difference is, that aac is hardware and ima4 software decoded. Did you try to reinitialize the player when the file behind got rerecorded? That worked for me!


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