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I had code for filtering the output of an ng-repeat using a function as a filter, but it has stopped working once I upgraded to 0.9.10. The filtering does still happen, but I get the pesky "Observer reaction functions should not change model" error message.

Here is the relevant Dart code:

class User {
  String name;

    selector: '[my-controller]',
    publishAs: 'ctrl'
class MyController {
  List<User> users = [
    new User('Hannah'),
    new User('Mary'),
    new User('Otto'),

  bool isPalindrome(user) {

And here is the relevant HTML:

<div ng-repeat="user in ctrl.users | filter:ctrl.isPalindrome">

How can I get this to work again?

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This is a bug. See H/T James DeBoer of the Angular team.

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